Creeping Treefingers

This is what happens when there’s a snowfall, someone walks through it, and then strong winds blow all the snow away. You kind of get reverse footprints.
Trying to walk my sister’s dog was a challenge. The wind blows the snow so that it collects in waves, and there are patches of bare ground in places, all according to the terrain. Then 25 mph winds blow snow hard in your face. So I was wading through snow drifts, trying not to let the dog pull me over, and I got to thinking about how my sister would have landed in Florida by then.

Poem #3 Remix:
She lives in Beverly Hills when She’s not in the sanitarium. Alcoholic, Unbalanced, Hysterical. There are shots of the real Frances as She is leafing through a photo album. She’s a slightly unhinged medium who has a nervous breakdown and is lobotomized. Zola Realism is Dedicated to surface authenticity that tries to project the illusion of breaking down form and content. After that, there are the first realistic shots of a spacecraft reentry. No actual fires are used, and the craft is almost fully intact, Considering it’s been in the ocean for 38 years. There is canned music and all References to homosexuality are removed. About the first sound stages – dreamy landscapes, romance, pretty people, heroic Television Playhouse and Television Theatre; Three Sisters, Death is a Spanish Dancer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, where, again, All references to homosexuality have been removed.

Anyway, loving the camera phone is my new thing. Here’s a photo of some graffiti that was spray painted on the Sam Becker Communications Building. I’m not going to argue that something’s not art, but I can say with all confidence that this is some of the crappiest art I’ve ever seen. Someone must have just learned about the avant-garde in their art class. Now they’re brilliant and rebellious. Perhaps they’re the next Andy Warhol, but not as pretty.

Hunter doesn’t sit for just anybody. He loves me because I give him chunks of bone full of marrow.

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