Librarians and Library Cards

I can’t get a library card because they want me to show them a bill that has my address on it. The bill has to be dated within the past 30 days. The problem with this is that no one mails out paper bills anymore. Everything’s done online. So I guess I don’t get to use the library. I told the guy behind the counter that he could stop by my place after his shift and I could prove to him that I lived there. He declined, even after I told him I had nearly a whole bottle of red wine AND the sixth season of ‘Scrubs’ on DVD.

Discovered a wonderful web site: It’s the answer to, where people post pictures of artistic things they’ve made that are available for sale via the web. Regretsy is a blog dedicated to documenting the most hideous examples of ‘art’ that people have foolishly thought were worth real money.

Will be in Davenport for Thanksgiving. Anyone is welcome to use that information to break into my efficiency apartment, as the only thing of value (that is, me) will already be gone. If you decide to break in anyway, though, please try and do something about the stubborn tea leaves that are stuck to the inside of my tea pot. I can’t get my whole hand in there to clean them out and my scrub brush just isn’t doing the trick.