Rednecks on C-SPAN

It’s kind of surreal to hear a guy call in to Capital News Today and drawl that we should have tens of thousands of Marines down at the U.S.-Mexico boarder at all times and arm those Marines with machine guns.

Just finished Thunderstruck by Erik Larson. It was killer (heh heh heh). Now I’ve started A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, and I’m sure it will prove to be even better. The first six pages are the introduction, and it blew my goddamn mind. It didn’t necessarily introduce any ideas I’d never thought of before, but it presented them in such a clear way that it was impossible not to try and wrap my brain around singularity and the cosmos. Plus, he’s kind of a smart ass, which I like.

Made it through my first semester in grad school and passed everything. Enrolled in classes for spring 2010. Beau O’Reilly’s going to be my adviser. I’m going to continue working on the collection of short stories.

No PJs for Christmas this year. Sigh.
Next year I’m asking for this:

Somebody want to head out to Andersonville with a big ol’ truck? Crow bar? Rig up a pully system?

A belated ‘Happy Solstice’ to all.

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