Thoughts on Pooh vs. Hobbes

I’m going to have to go with Hobbes on this one. Physically, these two are pretty evenly matched. Yes, Hobbes is far more agile than the lumbering bear, but Pooh has a thick hide that should provide him with quite a bit of protection from Hobbes’s attacks.

However, Hobbes is definitely the spunkier of the two. Pooh may benefit from his unshakable spirituality (he is, after all, a model of Taosim for many), but he isn’t the Smartest of Bears. Hobbes has the intellectual upper-hand here. His quick wit and superior ability to strategize will be his saving grace.

P.S. I already posted this on a Tumblr blog I was trying out. Yeah, don’t really dig Tumblr. Oh well.

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