Overheard in Millenium Park

‘On Facebook alone, I have six-hundred-and-some friends. I don’t even know all of them.’ A guy in his early twenties walking with a girl around the same age.

‘Ah, yes. Fresh bodies.’ At Cloud Gate (better known as ‘The Bean’), a guy in his mid-twenties standing over two girls around the same age who are laying on their backs underneath the giant, shiny bean and taking pictures of their reflections.

Hipster girl: ‘How about that bench over there?’ ; Hipster guy: ‘What’d you call me?’

‘… when she gave us all the crayons the last time, so we did, and then he drew a picture of 9/11 and then he drew a picture of Kevin and then we had to clean up because it was almost time for… ’ Kid 10 or under babbling to his mother about his day at school while she does her best to feign interest.

‘Just your body gonna tell the story.’ A young woman was walking with three other women through the pavilion.

‘I’m beginning to believe that I need it. I know I don’t.’ Woman walking along Michigan Avenue, quickly, with her friend.