Fifty-Thousand Years Into the Future

This may be the worst idea I’ve ever heard (aside from Playboy Braille’s online edition). The ultimate anti-climax.

KEO is the name of a time capsule that was supposed to be shot into space in 2003. Then they changed the proposed launch date to 2004, 2005, 2007, and so on. Now it’s set to be launched in 2014. The capsule will allegedly float around in space for 50,000 years before returning to Earth to be opened by whatever manner of organism is around to open it.

You can still write a letter to these future creatures and submit it here, after which it will be placed in the capsule. Supposedly. AND the KEO web site claims that all letters will be included completely uncensored. You can say whatever you want to the earthlings of 52014. Deadline for letters is December of 2013… for now.

According to its Wikipedia page, the satellite’s also carrying a drop of human blood inside a diamond, as well as samples of air, water, and earth.

The web site has a handy FAQ section (including questions like, ‘Why does KEO have wings?’) also says ‘Nevertheless, if the pollution of human origin in space continues to grow at its present level over the next fifty years (+5% per annum), KEO would have practically no chance of survival.’ In other words, if humanity doesn’t curb its slob-like behavior, the satellite won’t survive. Oh. Well, then. This whole project is just a big waste of everyone’s time, isn’t it?

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