The 3D Burrito Printer Has Arrived

Marko Manriquez. With the intellect of an inventor, the heart of a philosopher, and the soul of an artist, he is a modern Van Gogh. And he has blessed mankind with Burritob0t.

As part of his graduate thesis project at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (lol wut?), Manriquez built a 3D printer. That makes burritos. He calls it “the world’s first 3D Tex-Mex printer of edible extrusions.Swoon.



If that’s not enough to make you pop a ‘roid, here’s the iPhone app he created for it:

Suck it, Chipotle.

Where has this man been all my life and how quickly can I get fitted for a bridal gown that will make me feel like a princess on my special day?