Weirdest Search Terms That Have Led People to This Blog

In no particular order, these are a sampling of actual terms some anonymous folks have entered into search engines, which subsequently led them to my blog. I realize that posting these terms will probably just make the problem worse, but some of them are just too hilarious (read: baffling) not to share.

  1. Corn pooh
  2. Ugly distracting buildings photography
  3. Cat vomit warning sign [ed note: if it helps, in my experience, cats vomit more often than not]
  4. Naked girl in snow
  5. Smoke city fly away
  6. Would you like a copy of my butt?
  7. I’m so happy I could shit
  8. Llama facial expression chart
  9. Bijou penis
  10. Naked dancing Nazi
  11. Vicky sucks salty milk
  12. How do u know if ur ribs broken
  13. Under the same moon kid
  14. Dance toples [sigh]
  15. Eternal anal canal
  16. Ham ful
  17. Target lady
  18. Cormac figgis, what now? north men, south men? nury [Dude, maybe you should google, “how to use search engines”]
  19. Kevin and Hobbes sex [SIGH]
  20. Festival of the steel phallus [No idea what that one is, but it sounds awesome]
  21. Naked girls and hedgehogs
  22. Movies with guys from the Renaissance being chased by topless women
  23. Dried out crabs
  24. No dice grandma
  25. Creepy toilets
  26. Masterbat [an amateur bat that’s gone professional]
  27. Was St. Paul ugly [inquiring minds want to know]
  28. Does the sun always come out on Saturdays because of our lady […yes?]
  29. Bad things to do while naked [cooking bacon comes to mind]
  30. ulrich et son overbike [I typed this into Google Translate, and apparently it means, “Ulrich et son over bike”]