How To Grow Mushrooms

I bought this mushroom garden for my sister’s family for Christmas. It seemed like a good idea because 1) the mushrooms are edible and can be used in cooking, and 2) I thought my nephews would get a kick out of growing fungus (they haven’t).

Agaricus bisporus. Translation: fun for the whole family.
Agaricus bisporus. Translation: fun for the whole family!

So sis follows the directions and the things aren’t growing. She’s just got a box of dirt and recycled coffee grounds sitting on her kitchen counter. We were about to give up… until I remembered my college days. Yes, it turns out all that expensive schooling actually did teach me something. Mushrooms will grow in your shower.

Trust me. That's a mushroom.
Well, something‘s growing there, anyway.

All those disgusting frat bathrooms and bachelor pads with fungus sprouting in the corner of the bathtub – it turns out my exposure to that lifestyle served a purpose. The mushroom garden has finally sprouted. Thanks, college.