This Post Made for a Teensy-Weensy Screen

My laptop, which is circling the drain, refuses to interact with my browser (or maybe it’s haunted, I’m not sure) so I’m making this post on my smartphone using the WordPress app. It’s amazing. Everything is tiny and I have no idea how to do simple things, like add photos.


Oh. There we go.
Anyway, such is my dedication to the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I am willing to look like a confused old lady in front of the whole Internet by trying to use this strange, new-fangled blogging technology, battling autocorrect and a pea-sized keyboard (it has taken me an entire episode of Colbert to get this far).
This app may change my life, though. No more lugging my laptop around waiting for inspiration to strike. Next time I’m standing in line at the post office, I can whip out my phone and blog about how much I hate standing in line at the post office.
Let’s see what other old photos I have on this device.


A Rubbermaid container of coleslaw!


I don’t remember taking that one. My phone may be haunted, as well.

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  1. You can use our computer during the day – it’s in Maddie’s room now – nice and sunny