I Owe More Money Than I’ve Ever Imagined

I made my first student loan payment today! Though I graduated a year ago, I had to defer for a year because, with the crappy job market and shaky employment for those first few months, I couldn’t quite afford the roughly $900/month payment.

But today, October 8th, is a day I will remember forever as the day I made the first step toward becoming debt-free and joining the elitist bourgeois!

Gonna get me an apartment in Mullinville!
Gonna get me an apartment in Mullinville!

Never thought I’d be so excited to give half my paycheck to a branch of the federal government (U.S. Department of Education – holla!). At least it’s going there instead of to Wells Fargo. I’d rather send what little I have to a non-functioning government than to the blood suckers at any one of the Big Four.

If I keep steady on my payments, I should have all my loans paid off by the early 2030s. Then, I can spend my money on frivolous crap! I can’t wait!

Gonna get me a sweet ride!
Gonna get me a sweet ride!

By the way, those pictures were taken by my mom when she and my dad took their recent road trip across the country. They saw some crazy stuff on their way out west. Yes, those photos were taken in the fly-over red states. You can’t tell me you’re surprised.

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  1. TK says:

    Good luck on paying off your loans. You have a more positive outlook than I do. The thought of being in debt until 2030 sounds awful, and I’ve only been making loan payments for a year.

    I’m hoping I will have my loans paid off 10 years from my graduation date (but, without a raise, that probably won’t happen. Still, goals are goals. It’s be no fun if it were easy).

    1. mnhanson says:

      I remember reading a lot of articles in high school about how my generation was going to be the first to do worse than the previous, how social security would be gone by the time we got older, etc. So I spent most of my high school years coming to terms with the fact that I would never make any money or live out of debt. It made enjoying my education a lot easier.

  2. debsimorte says:

    Thank goodness you have a sense of humor! I’m visiting from UBC and glad to find another snarky one : ) Very funny. Yet sad. Yet funny.