How To Make Lefse

Every fall, my family tries to get together for a big family meal. When I was younger, Thanksgiving was the big family meal, but these days we try to get together for Halloween because 1) there’s a ton of cars on the interstate at Thanksgiving, making travel a pain for family coming from far away, 2) Halloween is a way better holiday, and 3) Thanksgiving has all those historical ties to genocide, which kind of makes you feel like crap while you’re trying to enjoy your indulgent orgy of delicious food.

As a kid, my favorite part of the meal was lefse, which is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread. My mom had to watch me to make sure I didn’t stuff myself full of lefse and nothing else, and now, I enjoy watching my sisters try to keep their kids from swiping the entire batch of lefse from the table within the first five minutes.

With all the lefse love going on, my folks decided to make an instructional video to help those who would like to learn to make their own lefse. Mom makes a giant batch every fall, then freezes most of it so we can chow down on that sweet, sweet potato-based Norwegian tortilla all winter long. She makes some great lefse, and I thought the video was good enough to share with a wider audience. So, ta da! Here it is, a how-to lefse video complete with tips from an experienced lefse maker and peppered with dad jokes. Enjoy.