Disillusioned at the Farmer’s Market

I’m feeling very Dr. Seuss today, if Dr. Seuss were more cynical, had an iPhone, and lived in Iowa.

Two Mute Youths

Two mute Youths follow the Farmer through the booths of fresh produce,

Corn, tomatoes, snatches of herbs, rosemary, basil, potted flowers, and clean-cut bouquets, honey comb, and home-baked bread.

Two mute Youths wearing straw hats bring two dozen ears of corn and two pallets of berries to the Woman with the jogging stroller,

Phone to Her ear, pointing a finger with chipped nail polish – into the back of the jeep.

Into the back of the jeep – corn, berries, Youths.

Farmer in the front seat, Woman behind the wheel, phone still to her ear.

Two mute Youths – straw hats and ethylene-vinyl acetate footwear – foam shoes coated with plastic resin.

Two mute Youths talk with their hands, and when their hands are still, they sit motionless,

In the back of the jeep, Arm-in-Arm, with the corn and berries.