Daytrotter Downs Photos

I like to take digital photos and then play around with the levels in GIMP or iPhoto or whatever’s handy. Here are some decent shots I got at Daytrotter Downs earlier this month.

The number of photos per performer is no reflection on my opinion or musical preference. There were some shows where I just couldn’t get close enough, or I couldn’t get a steady shot, or I was rocking out way too hard to be bothered to mess with the camera.

Performers: please feel free to use these photos for social media or whatever other publicity purposes.

SeaSaw Wide
These two – Eve Wilczewski and Meg Golz – have great chemistry. SeaSaw was definitely one of the highlights of the 2017 Downs.
SeaSaw Daytrotter
Heavily inspired by folk music colored by pop songs from the 80s and 90s with punk roots showing when they covered Weezer’s 1994 hit, “Say it Ain’t So.” Spiritually, SeaSaw and Weezer seem to have a lot in common.
SeaSaw Warm and Clear
Look at how much fun they’re having! The audience loved it.
SeaSaw Little Girl Fans
The audience also loved these two little girls, who were mesmerized by SeaSaw. When they weren’t dancing, they looked up at the two women in awe and involuntarily bounced to the beat. We look forward to your performance at the 2033 Downs, girls!
Ne-Hi Lead
Ne-Hi played some rocking tunes. I love the faces their lead singer makes. This isn’t one of his crazier ones, but you can feel the energy they put into their performances.

Ne-Hi Wide Contrast

Ne-Hi Wide

Ne-Hi Wide Cover
Here’s a Facebook cover photo for a Ne-Hi fan.
Eon Hare
Audience member shot! I just like this photo because everything’s still except his head.
Joan of Arc
New listeners weren’t sure what to make of Melina Ausikaitis of Joan of Arc‘s guitar, at first, which has no strings and is hand-painted. For the first song, she sang and held it like this, looking quite saintly. She actually uses the guitar as a percussion instrument. It’s wild.

Joan of Arc PerformingJeremie and Alex Gaze Into the Future

GOSH! was the first band I got to see on Day 2 after a busy Saturday. I danced even though my feet hurt from wearing my heeled boots the previous evening.
Charlie Parr
I like Charlie Parr as a subject because he stays pretty still.

Charlie Parr Wide Shot Daytrotter

Sarah Potenza Daytrotter
Sarah Potenza is a funny, charming, smart, sexy, and powerful performer. Highly recommend.

Sarah Potenza Daytrotter Angled

Sarah Potenza Preach
This woman’s voice is phenomenal.

Sarah Potenza Killin It

Sarah Potenza Shadows
Seriously, I could not get enough Sarah Potenza.


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