New Ragged Refreshes QC Music Industry Hub

Ragged Records continues to expand its QC presence with a second store on the other side of the river in Rock Island. Ragged Records and Music, like the original, has its own identity. Unique and unpretentious, you’ll not only find thousands of albums – from current top artists to obscure electro-folk acts featuring knock-off Muppets – but all the vintage hardware you need to build yourself the most kickass music room this world has ever seen.

There’s a collection of guitars and tuners no household should be without plus rarer instruments and collectors items. On my first visit, I found this lap steel manufactured circa 1966. It was the first time I bought an instrument I had no idea how to play.

Thanks to YouTube lessons, however, I plan to front my own western swing band in the near future.

I was even able to chat with the lap steel’s former owner about its origins and history. The store buys from locals: instruments, recording equipment, stereos, amplifiers, etc. It’s fun to just look around.

Whatever ancient devices you may have laying in your basement, do NOT take them to the pawn shop. You may have a gem that Ragged would buy at a fair price.

Odds are, this shop is going to be a central hub for area musicians. It’s a comfortable space, as though the guy behind the glass cases (often Dennis Hockaday of Id Pyramid) just decided to sell records out of his grandma’s front room.

As my grand unified theory states, grandparents love wood paneling

These upstairs rooms are already familiar to the local music community and anyone who’s recorded at Future Appletree Studio Too. The studio has moved downstairs into a more suitable space that’s attractive and homey, with plenty of sunlight and art works by locals like Amber Williams. They even moved grandma’s china cabinet down there and stuck it behind the drum kit.

It’s still a two-room studio. Mount Amp remains alongside the microphone forest. But now they now have a legit waiting room where you can listen to your new records and peruse issues of The Editorial QC. All the room needs is a beer fridge and you never have to leave.

These two entities along with Rozz-Tox next door – plus the QC Coffee and Pancake House and community-run venue The Rock Island Supper Club right down the street – form a supergroup of resources perfect for locals and visitors alike.



Visit, pick up some new records and strings for your guitar, hear about upcoming local shows, and then go tell alllllll your friends over a Mama Basso‘s pizza at Tox. Best Tuesday afternoon EVAR.