Down to the Wire

This has become my annual thing. As the year winds to a close, every project I’ve started in the past 12 months suddenly weighs ten tons on my shoulders. It’s irrational because time isn’t real. The last day of December is as arbitrary a deadline as the fourth day in January or the nineteenth of June.

But the excitement of the holidays is contagious. Despite having all but given up celebrating Christmas, I deeply appreciate the threat of coal and its assurance the sprouts are on their best behavior. New Year, meanwhile, marks the end of the month-plus of responsibilities like prepping a meal for seventeen people and ensuring you’ve reciprocated all items gifted.

The Ugly Iowan has been quiet over the last few weeks in part due to these obligations. Other factors include the launch of a big new venture and the aforementioned unfinished projects of 2018 – things made of ink and paper, bones and fibers – and a return to making music (in the loosest sense of the word).

In upcoming weeks, however, expect a return to purpose – that is, what Ugly Iowan is supposed to be: a place where artists and visionaries can a) talk about their ideas, b) learn about other members of the community, and c) have a nice article to add to their digital portfolio. You guys are posting this stuff to your LinkedIn page, right? Because I’m hoping this content helps get people jobs.

The next post, for example, is going to be about area DJs and audio enthusiasts. There are a TON of them, and they have some kick ass plans for the coming year.

Keep us bookmarked, true believers.

P.S. I have completely forgotten who sent me the feature photo. If it’s yours, please let me know!


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