Cluney’s Art Show Biggest of 2019

Our very serious sister site Data and Lore – an LLC that offers seriously awesome writing and editing services – just posted about Johnnie Cluney‘s upcoming art show in downtown Davenport at CoworkQC’s gallery.

This is a very special show because:

For over a decade, Cluney was the resident artist of Daytrotter, producing over 10,000 portraits of the recording artists who passed through the studio in that time. When Daytrotter blew up, so did Cluney’s artwork. Even the City of Davenport tapped him to produce some works for public display. And D&L’s isn’t the only logo he’s designed – where do you think we got the idea to commission his work in the first place?

With this show, however, Johnnie unveils a series of abstracts. It’s an exciting new stage in an already-successful artist’s career.

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Source: The Biggest Art Show of the Season – Data and Lore

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