Commemorating Juneteenth

It’s a shame so many celebratory events had to be canceled this year due to COVID, but many of them have moved online! Like the Juneteenth Music Festival. It streamed live yesterday on the 18th, but you can still watch it here!

Or the Juneteenth Jubilee. This one has a $5 ticket price, but some of that goes to the performers and organizers. The streaming company ( also offers a limited number of free tickets for anyone who emails them regarding financial hardship.

My favorite virtual event of the evening isn’t actually a Juneteenth event, but THE FESTIVAL‘s founder and host Crunk Chocolate is a leader and a powerful voice in our local community. He works to empower artists, people of color, and, most importantly, artists of color.*

*(On a related note, when I taught at the local college there were way too many students who thought they couldn’t write or had nothing interesting to say; I really can’t stress enough how important it is to encourage black and brown kids in the arts as well as in academics. We need their voices. Really. Seriously. Please. I am so fucking bored with hearing from the same majority demographic all the goddamn time. I want something new! I want to learn!)

Anyway, there are a ton of ways you can celebrate today, even if you can’t do it with friends and neighbors. Check out the Smithsonian’s virtual exhibit, Juneteenth: A Celebration of Resilience, or go on a digital adventure and find a way to honor the day all your own.

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