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A die-hard arts community can be hard to come by. Whether you’re near one or not, we’d love to have you come visit ours! And when you do, you can stay, play, and sleep in a living work of art.

Awful or Awesome?: Quad City-style Pizza

Update, Mar. 13, 16:22. I just realized this can go in the Awful-Awesome series, which I wanted to be a thing for a while but then fizzled out. Thus, I have retitled this post and added an additional closing paragraph. Enjoy! I was in my twenties before I stumbled upon this term on Wikipedia. That…

Musicians: Here’s What You Need to Know to Get a Gig in the Quad Cities

QC3Degree Radio presents Community Forums! That’s where we all get together and invite the public to talk about things we want to make happen. Like rad art festivals or mixed media installations or dying the Mississippi hot pink. Don’t tell us it can’t be done – all of our brainpower combined makes one giant super…

Hit These Links: Quad City Tastemakers Tell Locals to #GetBaked

ATTN: Iowa writers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers – Travel Iowa has a blog that seems underutilized, especially considering how accessible it is to small business owners. I wrote this post about an awesome new venue in the Village of East Davenport called Baked Beer and Bread Company: From the partnership that brought you Brew in the Village:…

Save the Arts from Rising Rivers and Rents

Catastrophic flooding and a levee breach closed down Bucktown, MidCoast Fine Arts’ Davenport center. While Bucktown reopened several weeks later, their entire stock of program supplies was lost. In other words, this fundraiser is critical.

The F#%k?: A Quiz Show

Andrew King is back, antagonizing contestants and audiences alike in the wackiest game show around. Laugh along as Andrew screams and threatens his way straight into our hearts.

The Art (& Politics) of Iconography

Hometown heroes are important. They prove success can come from anywhere – even the place you grew up in and swore you’d leave the second you turned 18, never to look back. Jon Burns grew up hearing about icons like the great Sauk war chief Black Hawk and legendary entertainer Bix Beiderbecke. It completely baffles…

50 Ways to Fight the Flood

Some folks here want to build a wall. I don’t think that’s the answer – it just sends the problem to the next community and screws them that much more. But we can’t keep going the way we have been. It’s unsustainable. I’m talking about the flooding in downtown Davenport and Moline that’s inundated several…

YellowUFO Presents!

Local media can’t stop buzzing about recent changes to the QC music scene. The vultures circle, hoping for death, while those of us with more than bird brains await the next ambitious, mission-driven project we’ve come to expect from this generation of entrepreneurs. Por ejemplo: YellowUFO is stepping out on Saturday (May 4) with the…

Art. Culture. Pork.

You’ve found The Ugly Iowan. We focus on Midwestern cultural events and phenomena – primarily in the Quad Cities area – with occasional jaunts to exotic places like Ireland and South Dakota. Library punk will never die. Get on in here. Or hit to complain.