Visit the Quad Cities, Stay Current

A die-hard arts community can be hard to come by. Whether you’re near one or not, we’d love to have you come visit ours! And when you do, you can stay, play, and sleep in a living work of art.

Kitchi-manitou and Finding the Future in the Past

When I was a kid at summer camp, the counselors told us the story of Kitchi-manitou. It was an old Indian story, they said, about the creation of the world. I hated it because it made no sense. The beginning, for instance, saw Kitchi-manitou floating in an ocean talking to a turtle. “Wait,” I thought,…

Folks On The Road

My folks just got back from their 3-week cross country trip. My mom sent me a post card almost everyday. That is my dream – to one day drive from one end of this country and back again. Hopefully it stays one whole country long enough for me to do that. I think it will….

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Everyone: I’m sending in my last grad school application on Saturday, I think. I will not know anything until April or May. It’s kind of disconcerting, not knowing where I’m going to be after my lease runs out on July 31 of this year. On the plus side, I get to ask people to give…