The F#%k?: A Quiz Show

Andrew King is back, antagonizing contestants and audiences alike in the wackiest game show around. Laugh along as Andrew screams and threatens his way straight into our hearts.

All Senses: Gear Up for Festival Season

In the extended frost of February, I’m already dreaming of summer and of All Senses‘ 2019 festival. In the meantime, All Senses Presents brings us Louisville sludge rockers Thou at RIBCO on March 26 at 8 p.m. I’m more excited about Emma Ruth Rundle, one of the hardest working singer-songwriters in the business. With 3 EPs of…

The Biggest Little Venue on Two Continents

Rio de Janeiro, London, Berlin, and Rock Island. All of these places have something in common: venues that consistently host international artists and cultural virtuosos. Rozz-Tox QC is the only intimate Midwestern venue (outside of a few spots in Chicago and Minneapolis) that consistently brings in acts from all over the world. Every continent is…

Karen Meat Says ‘You’re An Ugly Person’ And That’s Okay

Did you know Blondie and Joan Jett had a baby? I didn’t, either. They raised her on hot dogs and DaDa and they named her Karen Meat. In what may or may not be her final form, Karen Meat is Arin Eaton and usually Dana Telcrow and also sometimes some other dudes. Yeah, she’s complicated,…

Kweku Collins is Coming to Save Us

In a fog of existential collapse, Kweku Collins is a beacon. He’s a good artist to find when you’ve been beaten down so hard by loss, pain, and despair that you can hardly move. He’ll get you to move – whether it’s through dance, creative inspiration, or just enough psychic energy for you to take one more blind swipe at joy.

Case in point: the title of this post. It makes the corner of my mouth turn up just a bit, and I’d hope a lyrically inventive rapper – with an experimental streak – like Collins would appreciate it.