Call for Submissions: Crowdsourced Collage

Inspiration doesn’t just hit you. You have to go looking for it. I often find it with other people, in cafés or at public parks or in friends’ homes. There’s always an external source that inspires the idea that motivates the action. In this case, the action is gluing things on top of other things….

Breasia Terrell, 10, is Missing

Update 15 Jun 2020: Breasia is still missing. Her captor may have stashed her somewhere with the idea he’d return when the heat was off. Please check abandoned buildings, basements, old campgrounds, etc. Lost in Davenport, Iowa. Local searchers have reason to believe she may have gone into the Mississippi.

Fear in a Small Town

Update, August 22, 2018: Police found Mollie’s body in a corn field yesterday. They have someone in custody, and he has reportedly confessed. At this moment, he is appearing in court in Poweshiek County. My mother told me not to travel alone this week. “I read that 30 people have gone missing in Iowa in…