The F#%k?: A Quiz Show

Andrew King is back, antagonizing contestants and audiences alike in the wackiest game show around. Laugh along as Andrew screams and threatens his way straight into our hearts.

We’re All African

My aunt took a DNA test recently and was excited when the results came back saying she has 4.8% African DNA (with a 0.11% variance). These results aren’t that surprising to me, however. Though my family is mostly Scandinavian and Western European, that 4.8% is practically the least amount of African DNA anyone can have….

Joy to the World

I’ve been trying to remember all the childish songs from my youth so I can teach them to my nephews. Aside from having extra dessert at lunch time, the easiest way for a kid to make new friends is to teach them an inappropriate song or two. Some of the songs I’ve remembered, though, might…

How To Make Lefse

Every fall, my family tries to get together for a big family meal. When I was younger, Thanksgiving was the big family meal, but these days we try to get together for Halloween because 1) there’s a ton of cars on the interstate at Thanksgiving, making travel a pain for family coming from far away,…