Record Store Day at Ragged

Bob Herington is a cool dude with a cool job and cool glasses. He’s like a much better version of John Cusack in High Fidelity. Like, you actually want to spend time with him and never get the urge to kick him in the liver.

Bob’s already proven his good musical taste many times over, so you know the bands he’s booked to play at his store on Record Store Day are going to be worth the trip all by themselves. My personal favorite is Umbra and the Volcan Siege, fronted by another solid dude called Jim Licka. Jim lives in a keyboard museum, but that’s a story for another time – or you can ask him about it yourself on Saturday, April 21 at Ragged Records in Davenport, just off the Arsenal Bridge.

Other performers include TV Moms (MN), Punkett, Ninetimes, Chris Dunn, Full Charge, and Short Horn (all QC). You can hear some bands and check out the over 400 “official and unofficial” special releases on hand. So bring your wallet.

Ragged Records shares their store with local institution Trash Can Annie. I remember going there in high school and being in awe of the clothes from the late-19th and early-20th centuries. I’d only seen similar garments displayed behind glass. At Annie’s, I could touch and handle these items, try them on, and even take them home.

So this shared space may be the only store in the Midwest where you can purchase Japanese releases of Radiohead LPs on vinyl and scratch your itch to own a Victorian-era velvet top hat.

Oh yeah, and Trash Can Annie vintage merchandise is 50% off all day.


This is going to be a big day. And there’s an after-party at the brand new Rock Island Supper Club. Look:


I wonder if I’m going to have enough left over to go to the Gaia Gala the next day. The best way to ensure attendance is to buy a big, floofy dress at Trash Can Annie’s for half-off. Then I’ll feel obligated. I am so smart.

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