Yellow UFO Sighted

Paige Underwood is a name already familiar to fans of Daytrotter and Paste Music. Her newly-launched press and booking agency, Yellow UFO, stands to capitalize on that cachet. The venture is essentially a guaranteed success just by virtue of the many solid relationships Paige has cultivated over her auspicious career.

Based in the Quad Cities, Paige knows venue owners and operators, producers, sound engineers, musicians, press, and other area promotional companies. To name a few. Artist Johnnie Cluney, the fella behind Daytrotter’s iconic watercolor aesthetic, even designed the Yellow UFO logo.


Yellow UFO looks for DIY and emerging artists – that is, the people most in need of this specialized knowledge. Other representees include psych seraphs Condor and Jaybird, The Golden Fleece, and the All Senses collective, with their second annual festival coming up in late September. Last year’s fest was such a blowout, organizers have added two extra days to this year’s events.

With so many ties to local big names, now is the time to get in good with this new brand. Musicians and bands looking to play gigs in the Quad Cities aren’t the only ones who should pay attention. In months and years to come, an investment in Yellow UFO will prove wise.

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